Important ideas, made relevant.

Social impact amplified through digital storytelling!

We have one driving question: How can we make "important" cut through the everyday chit-chat and reach large audiences?

More About Us

We create new digital formats, tools, strategies, models and storytelling techniques that are native to each platform.


We cooperate with other social impact organizations to help them advance their messaging.


We don’t just gather people, we instead try to cultivate meaningful relations with our community through design thinking.

The world is a hot mess!

The "important" has to be twice as smartly communicated & delivered!

Learn how we do it and what we are up to every two months!

Meet Our Creative Team

A team of impact-driven professionals dwelling at the intersection of social, digital and intellectual.

Medeni Sungur
Adem Numan Kaya
Executive Director
Nazlıcan Kanmaz
Story Editor
Alper Akalın
Senior Editor
Işık Cemre Güngör
Marketing Manager
Adem Kurt
Community Manager
Yunus Barış Ertürk
Mustafa Aslan